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9 Foot Shapes That Reveal Secrets about Your Personality


We are used to all kinds of predictions and people being able to tell our future by reading the lines on our hands or by the length of our fingers. But have you ever heard about the secrets that are hidden in your feet? That’s right! Like many parts of our body, feet have their own distinct shape that differs from the rest of people. We might sometimes seem alike, but there are actually no two people that are totally the same, even twins have their differences! This means that the shape of our feet can reveal some features of our personality. Is it true? Well, you can only look for your own foot shape and find out for yourself. Here are 9 foot shapes that reveal different personality traits.
The Egyptian foot
If you have this foot shape, it means that all your toes form a perfect line together and each toe, starting from the big one, is smaller than the previous. What does it tell about your personality? People with such feet are prone to mood swings. They are loners and can be very secretive, not liking to reveal anything about themselves.
The Roman foot
This is the most common type of foot shape that has three first toes forming a straight line. People who have such feet are usually friendly and very sociable. Back in the day it was the most common feet shape among the public figures of the Antiquity who exuded charisma. Hence, the name ‘Roman foot’ appeared.

The Peasant foot
This is one of the rarer foot shapes with all toes being the same length. A foot like that seems quite angular, but steady. People with such feet are practical, reasonable and very calm. They are trust-worthy and can be easily relied on in serious matters.
A super short little toe
The owners of these ‘isolated’ little toes tend to go against the public opinion and do things their way. They prefer being on their own and avoid loud crowded places. They usually invent their own style in clothing and can be easily set apart from the rest.