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The Foot Selfie Is Taking Over Instagram (Hashtag Feet Pictures)


Writing the phrase “I ♡ BG” on bare feet tends to catch the rapper’s attention; the BasedGod-curated hashtag #GirlTimeUSA is rife with such images. When fans aren’t posting selfies, they’re posting tweets and comments begging to be recognised. It’s a shameless display of attention-seeking, but Lil B revels in it, retweeting every request to be featured; you get the sense that Lil B is aware of the influence he has as a cultural sensation.

eet pictures and the new trend foot selfies are popping up left and right on Instagram, officially giving the boot to the idea that people think feet and toes are totally gross. 

Do a quick Instagram hashtag search of terms like #footphotography and #myfeet, and you’ll find thousands upon thousands of photos of people showing off their toes, heels and arches on a variety of backgrounds — and not in a freaky foot fetish way. Nope, just feet in everyday situations like walking on interesting tile, being bare in the sand, or showing off a particularly artful pedicure. There’s even an Instagram account called #crossedfeet that features photos of feet in front of famous locations all over the world (feet + Freedom Towers, anyone?).