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Friday, August 31, 2018

8 Movies Coming To Theaters In September 2018 To Get You Ready For Fall

It's officially Halloween Foreplay month, ya'll!

1. The Nun (Sept. 7)

Warner Bros. / Via
Joining The Conjuring universe's "Hey, no thanks" film line-up, The Nun reveals the backstory of everyone's favorite jump scare from The Conjuring 2After a young nun takes her own life, a novice priest travels to Romania and uncovers the order's unholy secret. But mostly, ya know, demonic nuns. Seriously, even the marketing for this movie is scaring people beyond repair.
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2. The Predator ( Sept. 14)

20th Century Fox / Via
When a small child accidentally triggers a chain reaction that leads to an alien invasion on Earth...yeah, no, we're pretty much screwed. These "predators" are different than any race we've dealt with previously (you know, like, in the other movies), as they've genetically modified themselves using the DNA of other deadly creatures. Earth's only hope is a rag-tag group of ex-soldiers and, honestly, this cast though. I just hope they're all ready to GET TO THE CHOPPAH.
Get your Fandango or Atom tickets here.

3. A Simple Favor (Sept. 14)

Lionsgate / Via
This one comes from "the darker side" of Paul Feig, a writer/director we already know and love from his work on Bridemaids and the 2016 Ghostbusters remake (fight me). His latest film follows a mommy-vlogger whose mysterious new friend suddenly disappears one day without a trace. Blake Lively AND Anna Kendrick together? Someone's been ready my diary! And, as if all this wasn't enough of a sell, Henry Golding, the leading man from Crazy Rich Asains (and you know, handsome in human form) is in this, also.
Get your Fandango or Atom tickets here.

4. Mandy (Sept. 14)

RLJE Films / Via
YA'LL. NICOLAS. GODDAMN. CAGE. The thief of an actor that stole our hearts (and the declaration of independence) is back in his ultimate element: weird AF indie films. A heart-pounding revenge thriller, this film is NOT for the faint of heart...because it's crazy violent. Like, at one point there's a chainsaw fight (yes, I mean like a sword fight but with chainsaws). This is the pre-Halloween movie we all deserve AND, as of right now, it has a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.
Get your Fandango or Atom tickets here.

5. The House with a Clock in Its Walls (Sept. 21)

Universal Pictures / Via
I love Jack Black. I love Cate Blanchett. I love ~mystery.~ Basically, this movie has IT ALL. The film, based on the 1973 novel, follows recently-orphaned 10-year-old Lewis. Lewis is forced to move to Michigan and live with his odd Uncle is a creepy AF house. After a sequence of ~spooky~ events, Lewis discovers there's much more to the house (and the entire town) than meets the eye. Also, the movie is directed by Eli Roth? The guy behind Hostel???
Get your Fandango or Atom tickets here.

6. Life Itself (Sept. 21)

Amazon Studios / Via
So if scary movies aren't your style and you'd prefer something that is guaranteed to make you sob uncontrollably, good news, I have a movie for you this month! This drama was created by Dan Fogelman, the mind behind This Is Us...which means there is absolutely NO WAY you're not going to cry. Following the journey of a young couple as they go from falling in love in college to the trails and tribulations of marriage and children...let's all just hope no one in this movie owns a slow cooker.
Get your Fandango or Atom tickets here.

7. Small Foot (Sept. 28)

Warner Bros. / Via
We're all so busy wondering if Big Foot is "real" that we never stop to wonder...are we "real" to Big Foot? Well, this adorable animated romp seeks to answer that mildly existential question! When a curious Yeti named Migo stumbles upon a human, he brings the little guy back to his community...which doesn't go over great. Also, we've got another ALL-STAR CAST here including the likes of Zendaya, Channing Tatum, James Corden, and Gina Rodriguez!
Get your Fandango or Atom tickets here.

8. Night School (Sept. 28)

Universal Pictures / Via
If I had it my way, Tiffany Haddish would appear in every single movie ever made but, until I manage to convince Hollywood of that, this will do. When Kevin Heart's character manages to literally BLOW UP his place of employment, he's forced to attend Night School to earn his GED where he meets his less than agreeable new teacher (Haddish). The film looks absolutely ridiculous in the best way possible and a welcome bright note to end the month on!

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