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11-year-old boy is mistaken for a girl several times, but he's doing something incredible


Joshua Scott-Hill, is an 11-year-old boy who has been mistaken for a girl quite a bit over the past year. 
The recurring problem is happening because Joshua has been growing his hair long, with many teasing him on several occasions. 
But what these people don't realise is, Joshua, is completing an act of selflessness, growing his hair seven inches long so he can donate his locks to 'Little Princess Trust'.

The trust makes wigs out of the hair donated for kids who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment throughout the UK and Ireland. 
However, not alone is the youngster growing his hair, but he's also fundraising the growth, donating the monies raised towards 'Maggie's'.
Maggie's is a centre for cancer care where patients of any age can go, alone or alongside their family, for emotional, social and practical support.  

Josh, as he is known locally, decided to grow his hair after feeling inspired when he saw a family friend affected by cancer losing her hair. 
The countdown is on now though, and with Josh so close to his target, he'll hopefully be having his hair chopped this week!
The young boy deserves all the praise he can get, as having to deal with teasing and mistaken identity for almost 18-months must have been a tough road.

We think his achievement and donation to the trust is a wonderful thing for someone of his age to do, we can all learn something from Joshua's kindness.