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PHOTOS: Meet the transgender model that participates in the reality of Colombian nights


To clarify the matter, the jurors of the program spoke in BluRadio and Juan Carlos Giraldo explained that Mara is a transgender woman, although not transsexual, since she has not completed her transition surgically.
"Mara was born with the body of a man, but in her head, in her brain, in her heart, in her soul she is a woman. That is why it is called trans, because it is in the transition to find what it truly has in its brain, which is a woman. Today is a woman. It is Mara, a spectacular country from which all Colombia is going to fall in love. The girl from Spain is transsexual, because everything was already operated. Mara is in the process , " Giraldo explained .
At 27 years old, the young woman has thousands of followers on her Instagram account, where she shows her slender figure and many of them sigh with her beauty.
Mara was born in the United States but her parents are Colombian, she is a model and dreams of succeeding on the world's biggest catwalks.