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the conspiracy against trump is he really that bad?


This can't be just Coincidence from day one when president trump Announced his candidacy for the elections

it all started First by reducing its importance and seriousness and even the chance to win All eyes were directed at Hillary Clinton as the black horse of the US elections It was at this point when the ridiculous campaigns of Trump began Even as supporters appeared on the American street as a presidential candidate for America We should mention the intelligence of Trump's propaganda campaign, where he was always interested in matters relating to the American citizen and the lobby, which was neglected by the previous regimes with the promise of change. Change what you might ask? Change itself. Began with all that Obama did and his regime, which was not preferred by the majority of citizens was to the subject of skin color part of this so as not to bury our head in the sand Trump was nominated as a white man who felt marginalized before I do not say here this is good or bad only say facts What I have to say is what happened immediately after Trump won from the run-ins and the appearance of white racists and their marches Did he have a personal relationship with what happened? I do not think he would approve it? I do not know, but remain on his page without a doubt To return to our day Do you see what is happening from the constant attack of the media justification Do you see what is happening in the charges of the Congress and investigators and the question of Russia justified

When Donald Trump took the oath of office, nobody should have been surprised that an anti-politician would morph into an anti-president. In 2016 Americans rejected politics as usual. And diehard supporters still throng his rallies, wearing Make America Great Again caps and chanting for him to build the wall and lock up Hillary Clinton. His approval ratings among Republicans remain strong - 88% according to Gallup. His overall approval rating - 37% according to Gallup - is on a par with Ronald Reagan's at the two-year mark.

Hostile historians may come to regard Donald Trump's presidency as an aggregation of the lesser traits of his predecessors.