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The moment a laser weapon is tested in the Pacific Ocean to destroy planes ... video


The USS Portland warship, which is affiliated with the US Navy, conducted a successful experiment using a new high-power laser weapon, from which the planes could be destroyed by air.

The Pacific Fleet confirmed, in a statement, that the US Navy succeeded in testing a new high-energy laser weapon that can destroy aircraft in the air, as it was shot down by a drone while flying over the Pacific Ocean.

 A video clip broadcast by the US Navy, on Saturday, showed the success of a laser weapon test in destroying a drone while flying over the Pacific Ocean, according to a statement by the US Navy that the experiment was conducted on May 16.A statement by the US Navy explained, earlier, that the photos and videos presented by the navy show the amphibious transport ship "USS Portland", and it is carrying out the first high-power laser experiment on a drone and succeed in destroying it.