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This Is Why Your Local Supermarket Is The Most Entertaining Place In The World



A local supermarket is like any other place where you go in your most natural way. You are not judged, not questioned for any of the stuff you buy or whatever you do. But sometimes the most random moments make for the hilarious memories of the local supermarket. Don't believe us? Here are a few of those hysterical experiences!

Cashier Went Bananas


Cashiers can have some of the most amusing reactions to their customers. This one reaction is proof of that. He might be wondering why someone would need that many bananas. We think that person might have monkeys (many monkeys!) as their pets. There probably isn’t any other valid reason for that. If there is one, we are interested in listening to it. 

Anyhow, the cashier is confused and wondering how he is supposed to pack all that. We suggest leave it to your customer and chill. It’s just a suggestion, okay?

Supermarket Naps Are The Best


If you are someone who can sleep anywhere, anytime then this one is for you. We know how exhausting it can be to walk and shop at the local supermarket and everyone needs to take a break. This girl felt the same and decided to take a nap in her shopping cart itself.

Take notes, everyone. You can do it too when you are so tired of all the shopping and looking for a place to rest. Another option is catching up on your sleep at home and then run errands at the supermarket! 

You Will Be Fine, Little One


Kids can have the cutest reactions to almost everything and this kid is no different. His mother wanted to distract him while she can shop her essentials at a local supermarket but that just failed. The book she chose to give him for reading did anything but calm him down. 

We wonder what kind of books exist for the kids in the market. A little more attention needs to be paid by the mothers on what they hand over to their kids to read. He looks so disappointed and sad by that book. To be honest judging by the title, we all would have the same reaction. Now we need tissues!

Local Supermarket Needs Dressing Up Too


Did they plan on that or was it just random of them to wear matching outfits for shopping at their local supermarket? Either way, it was a good sight because who doesn’t love animal print onesies! Getting ready to visit the local supermarket is not something we all do, it just takes so much of our energy!

Something like this might not be strange to watch at any other place but it definitely is amusing at a local supermarket. Leave everything aside, we just applause their choice of the onesie and appreciate the thought behind it. Are you with us?

A Style Statement


We wouldn’t change a thing about his outfit (heels included). He is definitely making a style statement at the local supermarket. Don’t be jealous, girls. He knows his heels. He is so engrossed in his work (we don't know what) that he didn't even notice someone taking his picture. That's called dedication! 

The only thing bothering us here is why he would wear them at a local supermarket, that too in the Lego section. There are so many better places and occasions to wear them. But it’s okay, who are we to complain? 

Man On A Leash?


This is as surprising to us as it is to you. This is how it went with us – we looked at the photo and felt clueless, then looked at it again closely and got surprised. Finally, had a good laugh about the whole situation and then felt bad for the man for a moment.

What were your thoughts? We hope they went similar to us. Also, the expression on both of their faces is poles apart. One reflects happiness while the other seems really disappointed and embarrassed. They have a lot of explanation to give! 

Food Is Life


He must be a true foodie who loves to wear clothes with food printed on them. Donuts and pizzas? Bring them on. Whoever spotted and captured him might have then rushed to a pizza store (or a donut place) to fulfill his cravings. 

His confidence is not to be ignored here. Who would have the courage to wear this for a supermarket run? The outfit is great because "food is life"! Okay, now we need to upgrade our wardrobes with more such outfits. But first, we are going to have a donut!

Family Shopping Time For Santa

People of Walmart

After delivering all your gifts this Christmas, Santa took his wife out for shopping at their local supermarket. We hope they found everything they were looking for as we got everything we wanted for Christmas.

This is a rare sight, enjoy it. This is why we love our local supermarket. You cannot expect to run into Mr. and Mrs. Claus anywhere else. Can you? Look for them in the supermarket, the next time you visit during the Christmas holidays. Even better, dress in the Christmas spirit while running your errands! 

Best Way To Apologize


Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes those mistakes happen at your local supermarket. We are always in so much hurry to complete the shopping that we are running like anything from one aisle to another. Everyone is making sure that they have everything in the cart which was on their list in a limited period of time. It sounds like some competition! 

Someone was doing the same and spilled something on the floor. Now, what would you have done to clean up the mess? Think, think. This person did nothing but wrote a sweet sorry with the same thing he spilled. Good idea, no?

Yes To Bathrobes For Grocery Shopping


Couples who shop together stay together, especially while wearing bathrobes to the local supermarket. It seems like outfits are the new piece of attraction at the local supermarket. No one has time to shop for essential things the whole day so, why not utilize your mornings for that shopping. Firstly, it will make you feel fresh and secondly, your entire day will go without thinking about the pending grocery shopping. 

This couple decided to get up, take shower, put on matching bathrobes and head out for the local supermarket before leaving for work.

The Duck Had To Shop


The local supermarket encourages everyone to come and shop. Duck asked its owner for that shopping spree and she agreed without any hesitation. But looks like the duck was not happy with the shopping and might come alone next time. No one would have any objections on that except the supermarket employees, we guess! 

Ducks are not a common sight in the supermarket and there would be some reasons behind that. We like spotting animals at the local supermarket and hope to keep spotting them time and again. Do you agree?

Yoga Keeps You Healthy


Tell us a better place to do yoga than the vegetable aisle at a local supermarket and we are listening. Vegetables are super healthy but when combined with yoga, your body would be so happy with you. 

If practicing yoga is on your daily schedule, then don't skip it while doing your chores. You can combine both the things just like this woman did. It is an incredible idea and people get motivation too. It's a great deal! Think no more and go start this routine. We are following you!

Super Kid At A Local Supermarket


Have you ever been so sure about anything in your life? Look at this little girl. She is so confident about that look. “I want this mask, mom!” She needs to find her mom as soon as possible. Happy kids at a local supermarket are the best thing to see ever.

So, you better go to the toy aisle and spot these little ones in their happiest place. You can join them if you want as well. On your way, grab some superhero masks as well. Also, an outfit to match that. Some fun games also, maybe? Okay, we need to stop. Go ahead and shop! 

Let Me Take A Selfie


What do you do when you spot tablets at your local supermarket? You see them, try some features (this step is optional) and walk away. This guy had some other plans. He decided to take a selfie with a twist. Everyone has that entertaining side, it's just hidden sometimes. Never shy away from revealing that side! 

Everyone likes to take a perfect selfie. But this guy made the funniest face possible and took a selfie and saved it on the tablet at the local supermarket. Now, it’s time to show your level of craziness.

Bright And Colorful


You have the freedom to wear whatever you want to. That freedom is most utilized at the local supermarket. You will see all kinds of outfits there. That girl might just have thought that where else other than the local supermarket she can rock those leg warmers and boots. They are amazingly colorful and immediately grab attention. Who doesn't like some attention at the supermarket (only if it's positive, of course)? 

It’s a completely “appropriate” look. We just hope our local supermarket sells these too because we are headed right there.

Hair On Fleek


We wish we can rock that hair in the same exact way when we are his age. But wait is he in any way related to Johnny Bravo? What if he is Johnny Bravo? 

Okay, we need to calm down. Whether or not he is Johnny Bravo (or related to him), the local supermarket just gave us another memorable moment. Apart from colorful outfits, wonderful footwear, you can also find people with some amazing hairstyles in your local supermarket. It is a trend now! Keep looking around in the supermarket, people. 

Avoiding Troubles Like...


Kids are curious creatures. They need to know everything, roam everywhere and touch everything. This is everything their moms don’t want them to do (that’s one reason why kids love to do these things). It is not easy to manage kids in such open areas. So, strategic planning is essential. 

A local supermarket is huge and moms already have enough stress shopping there. They want their kids to be less troublesome and this mom had the perfect idea to have her child right beside her all the time. Poor kid, he did not even get to the toys aisle.

Dogs At Local Supermarket


Not one, not two, but three dogs had a great time at the local supermarket. That guy had some confidence in his dogs that he decided to bring all of them with him for shopping. Dogs are well-behaved and they know the rules of grocery shopping (if there are any!). Don't think twice while bringing your dogs along as they will be good boys and the people shopping there would feel great too. 

They surely enjoyed shopping. One was so excited that he jumped on his human. We hope he brings them back again.

Attack On Broccoli


We never knew birds loved broccoli until we saw this photo. Maybe they are just tasting it before they buy. But that’s not how it works, birdies. You got to buy them first and then taste. Greens are healthy and one should have them regularly. 

We suggest you make a green salad with lots of broccoli in it. You’ll love it. And people, you ought to check for any birds (or animals) around in your local supermarket before buying your greens. There should be no compromise when it comes to health! 

A Destination Wedding


A couple decided to get married in the garden section of their local supermarket. We don’t think we have seen any better destination wedding than this one. We wish we could witness it live. They would have a pretty good story to tell their kids! A supermarket wedding is probably the most unique idea ever! 

They probably got some nice wedding presents from the local supermarket. Can you plan something more creative than this for your wedding? Get started already with a list of places where you would want to take your wedding vows!

Is That Real?


We are so confused now. Did the local supermarket organize some event where you were supposed to dress like that? If yes, then give the award to this guy, please. He seems a little tired stuck in that "air-tight" costume. 

It definitely wasn’t easy to pull off that outfit. We are supporting him 100% (only if he is real). If you spot anyone like this in your local supermarket, then go close and do a little investigation, it will be informative for all. There are some weird trends going around, keep yourself updated! 

Just Mom Things


What do you do when you need to carry a baby stroller and a shopping cart at your local supermarket all by yourself? Ask moms. They have some of the best ideas to solve such problems even if that “idea” is prohibited.

This mom didn’t care what people said. She tucked her toddler in the baby stroller and carefully placed that stroller in the cart. She didn't want to carry around two things and take care of both of them at the same time while completing her grocery shopping. That kid was definitely not embarrassed. But he might be, in the future. 

Go Pink

People of Walmart

That outfit perfectly goes with that hair. We need some styling tips now. A local supermarket is more like a fashion event these days. We can go on and on about this whole look but for now this much is enough. 

So, up your style game and show up at your local supermarket with colorful hair or any other self-created look that can beat this. Fashion has a different meaning for all and there is no point having a discussion over what others feel is right or wrong in the fashion world. Just watch and move on!

Watch Me, Losers!

People of Walmart

This dog has no care in the world. That attitude is what we all need. The award for the coolest dog in the world (or in the local supermarket ) goes to… him! He might be on the stroller but he knows he is the king and can do whatever he wants to.

Don’t miss that cap, guys! He knows what style is and how to rock a look. This is really a great way to bring your dog out to the local supermarket. But we are wondering if there were any security issues by the look on that cop's face. Just hoping it had nothing to do with that dog! 

Baby In shock


He probably saw someone wearing the weirdest outfit at the local supermarket. We would have the exact same reaction to any weird outfit because that’s not we are used to. But time is changing and so should we.

As far as the reaction is considered, the kid is showing what he feels. It is called transparency which we need to inculcate as well. Innocence is something that should be preserved. We like that someone thought we should see this little baby’s reaction. Whoever took this, we’d like to thank you!

Nana Wasn’t Happy


We are sorry, Nana. We know it’s not fair to you. Nana is not a short form for the banana. You need to think before you shorten any word. There are short forms for almost every word we use on a regular basis (while texting, actually!) but some words need to be spared as then their true essence is lost, that's what happened here.  

More importantly, why would someone want to shorten Banana? It’s already not that big of a word. It was not a good day at the local supermarket for Nana.

Systematic Shopping


Our teachers at school always told us to stay quiet and form a line whenever going out. We never listened to them then. But these people were definitely the disciplined ones at school. They decided to shop at their local supermarket by moving around with their carts in a straight line.

We need more such people around. They follow all the rules. Make sure to show your kids this picture or in person if you encounter this at your supermarket. Discipline is an important part of our life, learn and then teach. 

The Evergreen Leather


The only thing we want to know here is the emergency shopping he had to do while wearing that at the local supermarket. Was his outfit missing some piece that he could get only at the local supermarket or was he craving some candy really bad?

Whatever it was, he could have at least changed his leather boots. Sorry, but that’s just too much leather for our eyes. A break is required to make the outfit look pleasant. It is always better that way! Either this guy should be informed about this or he needs to give a valid reason for showing up like that. 

Post-Shopping Warm Up


She had to miss her gym to come to the local supermarket. But being a gym freak, she started warming up her body while waiting in line at the cash counter. We wonder if she did some squats on her way out. She could have worn her gym clothes as well. It would have been even more comfortable for her to accomplish her workout routine at the supermarket. 

You can try this too but we are sure true gym freaks don’t let shopping or anything come in between their gym routine.

Tiredness Level: This Kid


Who all can relate to him? We surely can. A local supermarket is not fun especially when your grandma wants to buy all those boring groceries that you have no interest in. You are only looking for ways to escape that place in whatever way you can. Sleeping is one such way out and is effective (we think so!). 

This kid found a perfect place to lie down and avoid boring shopping. It looks like his grandma had no idea about what he was doing. We hope she finished her shopping really quickly (just hoping!).

Pray For Fashion


We just hope this trend has been discontinued on all places on this earth. This is just not acceptable in any sense. Pull your pants up, man. It is just not cool. In case, this wasn't planned then we have even more questions and some reactions as well. 

Low waist jeans or low legs jeans? Your local supermarket has seen it all intentionally or unintentionally. Don't go looking for entertainment anywhere else, just plan a visit to your local supermarket. You will be amused and surely have a great time there. 

The Supermarket's Parking Lot Is Fun Too


Not in the mood to take your regular ride to your local supermarket? Take cues from this person and next time order yourself this ride for a trip to your local supermarket. We know it does not make sense but it’s not hurting anyone to try, right?

You will receive a lot of stares if you are driving this. But don't worry, if you are enjoying driving this then, there is nothing else that matters. Just be safe and take pleasure in all the attention coming towards you. Don’t forget to wear the helmet and seatbelt, both at once! 

Sunbathing View!


People do hilarious things inside the local supermarket but you can find equally random people doing the most random things outside too. These girls didn’t have anything to buy from the local supermarket but they were wanting to visit. So, they decided to put on their bikinis and sunbathe right in front of the store.

What a view, right? You should make this your new place to visit for sunbathing. It is entirely your choice. This will be a completely different experience as compared to those normal beach visits you plan.

Someone Take Her, Please


Why do we have a feeling that her mom had punished her and put her in there? She is just too cute to do anything naughty. But then what do we know. She probably had fun for a while but it got pretty serious later on.

You might feel bad for her but her expressions tell a different story. She is having a good time stuck in there. But kids change moods in the blink of an eye. We just hope her mom came and picked her up before she started screaming at the passersby. 

Styled By: Local Supermarket Employee


You can never go wrong with your work uniform but just in case you decide to style it your way, it can go something like this. We are not saying it’s wrong but we all know that it isn’t right either. There is something missing or something extra in her outfit. That's for you to decide!

That curled hair with those shorts, together with those boots (and socks) is not something we would expect from a local supermarket employee. She might have to leave for some party or something right after her shift. We are just telling ourselves that!

Furry Faces


We love those furry panda masks and this is such a cute sight at the local supermarket. That boring shopping can be made a little joyous with such pretty sight at any aisle. We know you agree with us here. We all want these furry masks now. It will be so much to have them on while hanging out with our friends. 

Pandas love to make other people smile. Be like them. Next time, instead of complaining about those monotonous walks in your local supermarket aisles, look for these guys wearing animal masks.

Kittens And Pups


The local supermarket should have a dress code for their customers as well. Just a suggestion. We wonder if her dog had any objection with her wearing that “hello kitty” onesie. We are just curious. He would want her to wear something with his face on it. That would be adorable, no? 

Kittens are cute and so are dogs but the combination of both is not so good, we guess. Also, onesies are a common choice of clothing for grocery shopping at a local supermarket. Maybe it is because they are extremely comfortable. 

A Supermarket Proposal


Yes, that’s right. You are seeing a proposal right in the middle of the clothing area at a local supermarket. Is it a dream come true? We won’t say anything to that. We are just happy because they look happy. Maybe they first met there, so, he decided to ask her to marry him at that location. 

We think she was not expecting that and nor were we. But at least now she has one good memory at the local supermarket. She has experienced one of the most unusual proposals ever. 

Let’s Dig Deep


When you still can’t find your favorite sauce or mayonnaise, try looking deep behind all the bottles. You might find something. We just hope he was not stuck in there for long and found what he was looking for. 

You have to struggle for your favorite things even when you are at a local supermarket. If he was in such an urgent need of a particular dressing, he could have asked some employee to help with the searching. But seems like he wanted to put all the effort in that task himself. 

Kids Have The Best Ideas


When bored and sleepy, try this out at the local supermarket. We are so curious to know how he came up with that idea. It is not something that would come into our minds when we are bored. He is definitely smart to pull that off in a smooth way.  

We give him credit for doing that and equal credit goes to whoever allowed him to continue with that (unless no one came to know about his mastermind). He would have got a serious scolding from his parents after they came to know about what he was up to at the supermarket. 

Burdened Little Girl


How much grocery is enough grocery? She could have more space in her cart only if she had not put her little girl in there. She is burdened with that stuff all alone. Her mom was not expecting to get such loads of grocery but then she didn't know she needed all the stuff she saw at the supermarket. It happens a lot, we get it! 

But that little girl should be appreciated. She is already helping her mum shop grocery. We have to learn a lot from her and get some work done now.

Slurpee Over Baby!


What’s the extreme you can go for a Slurpee? This lady put her baby on the floor to have a moment alone with her drink. We don’t blame her because we all need a drink break in between the shopping. Drink breaks are preferred over food breaks especially during summers. So, you'll find such instances more often in the summertime. 

This situation is definitely unique to a local supermarket. Where else can you find moms doing this to their kids? They would not leave their baby alone for even a second otherwise. 

The Wheel World


We understand he needed some comfort but using an electric cart while roaming around on hoverboard doesn’t really make sense. But who are we to judge? The local supermarket needs to ask him some questions and give limited access to electric carts. Their misuse would only stop when strict rules are issued by the supermarket. But not that strict, please!

We have too much technology to cope up with. It will take some time to get used to all the technology. The world is moving so fast and when it comes to keeping up with its pace, it gets a little too complicated as you can see here! 

No Looking Back


Who came up with this? More importantly, why did he allow it? Though we are impressed, it’s just that we have not seen anything like this before. If it's some kind of art, then learning it would be fun. Count us in as well! 

Also, we would like to see his face (the real one, of course!) because we are only picturing him looking like this. We believe he looks better in real. Kudos to him for being such a sport and walking in the supermarket aisles with this "makeover".