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Damn Nature You Scary | Funny Scary Animal Encounters 😱



- An Atlantic great white shark was spotted suddenly and it seemed as though it rose up for an attack. Luckily there were no injuries - An angry wild bull was found somewhere in the streets of a city in India. The city was said to be tourist spot and many tourists were shocked to see the bull in the public area - This diver is spear fishing in the deep blue ocean and encounters a great white shark before deciding to return to the surface - A grizzly bear and her cubs sneaks into the backyard garden of a home in Bradbury California. Dogs of the home owner rush in defense and the encounter with the animal groups reach a climax - One thing that’s commonly known around the world about Australia is its host of exotic animals. This giant lizard was found in a local shopping mall and a man carries it back outside - Tourists in Rwanda were trekking through the jungles when they came across a silverback gorilla. They decided to change course and find another pathway to avoid a potentially dangerous encounter - These snorkelers cane across a saltwater crocodile in the coast of Micronesia. Although the crocodile was aggressive the people were able to avoid a serious attack - This aggressive bull attacks a parked moped on the street. Perhaps it’s because the shape of moped resembled another bull and the barking noise sounded like a taunting gesture which provoked the attack - Despite what was said in the video it’s actually a swamp alligator not a crocodile. In Homestead Florida, alligators don't stay confined to the swampy areas, They can be found roaming pretty much all over the state - Gorilla safari tours are available in only 3 countries : Rwanda , Uganda and the republic of Congo. You’ll need a permit to go on such tours because these gorillas are very rare - The majestic blue whale is the largest animal in the world. Here, one is spotted breaching from the water. Whales and dolphins do this show alpha superiority and dominance - A black grizzly bear was spotted in the woods of Canada and a forest ranger tries to warn drivers to be aware of it. The bear responds territorial as it’s in there nature to be and luckily there was no harm done to the bear or the people - If you’re trekking in the woods of Alaska be aware of grizzly bears. The best thing to do is remain calm and still until it passes through before continuing. The bears are aggressive so it’s best to not provoke them