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Halloween is fast approaching. Are you ready?



Halloween is fast approaching. Are you ready for the ghouls and goblins? I’m not talking about the haunting figures sneaking behind you. I’m talking about the destructive acid and sticky slime that forms in your mouth and nose during Halloween.

It’s no secret that Halloween become quite big here in New Zealand, kids and big kids alike are enjoying it more and more.  But with the excitement of dressing up and eating lots of yummies comes some not-so-fun consequences. 

When sugar is introduced into the mouth, the bacteria immediately consumes it. As the bacteria metabolise the sugar, they produce acid as a byproduct, which burns through enamel and causes tooth decay and cavities. More sugar in the mouth  equals more acid and thus more tooth decay.

Additionally, trick-or-treating comes with some other scares. With Spring comes pollen and allegies, many children and adults are subjected to the pollens while out and about Trick or Treating.