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for the first time amber heard confess she hit johnny depp in cort



On Monday, Amber Heard begged her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, to "leave her alone", denouncing the "torture" she is experiencing as a result of having to relive the memories of violence that the actor accuses of inflicting on her, in testimony she gave during a hearing in a US court hearing a defamation suit filed by Depp against his ex-wife."I have to relive every day, over and over again, the most intimate, embarrassing and humiliating thing I've ever had," the 36-year-old said in Fairfax, Virginia, near Washington, DC. "What is happening constitutes torture, and it involves great psychological pain," she added. "I'd like to move on, but re-examination of everything that happened prevents me from doing so," she told the judges, then looked at Depp and said, "Leave me alone."

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" star, who has avoided looking at Amber Heard since the trial began, is seeking $50 million in damages from his ex-wife, accusing her of ruining his reputation and career after she said in December 2018 in a newspaper article. The Washington Post said she was a victim of domestic violence in 2016, without naming him. Heard, in turn, filed a counterclaim, seeking $100 million in damages.Donations evaporated

Heard tearfully confirmed that their marriage "was falling apart," adding, "I knew I had to leave him, and I knew I wouldn't survive if I didn't make that move." "The monster was this thing, which became normal, not extraordinary. Violence became normal," she said, referring to her ex-husband, who she says beat her during tantrums under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Heard's lawyers showed pictures showing bruises on the right side of her face.

The first four weeks of the trial showed that Depp and Heard's relationship was "poisoned", as they referred to the details of their married life that began in February 2015 after an affair that began in 2011. Their divorce was announced in early 2017. Their fights, often accompanied by violent practices, escalated Her climax during her stay in Australia in March 2015, when Heard claimed that she was then beaten and sexually assaulted by her husband.

The adversarial trial began at the end of the afternoon with a plea by Cammy Vasquez, Depp's attorney, in a tense atmosphere. Amber Heard confirmed that she had never donated to any charitable organization the $7 million she received from her divorce settlement with Depp. "I was not able to pay my obligations because I used the money in a lawsuit that Depp brought against me," she said. Vasquez noted that Heard received the full amount long before Depp's defamation lawsuit filed in 2019.