The USS Portland warship, which is affiliated with the US Navy, conducted a successful experiment using a new high-power laser weapon, from which the planes could be destroyed by air.

The Pacific Fleet confirmed, in a statement, that the US Navy succeeded in testing a new high-energy laser weapon that can destroy aircraft in the air, as it was shot down by a drone while flying over the Pacific Ocean.

 A video clip broadcast by the US Navy, on Saturday, showed the success of a laser weapon test in destroying a drone while flying over the Pacific Ocean, according to a statement by the US Navy that the experiment was conducted on May 16.A statement by the US Navy explained, earlier, that the photos and videos presented by the navy show the amphibious transport ship "USS Portland", and it is carrying out the first high-power laser experiment on a drone and succeed in destroying it.

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Sara Nisevic wasn’t looking to expand her family when she let her dogs outside a few weeks ago. But when she went to check on her pups, she found them playing with a little brown dog she didn’t recognize.
“As soon as we went out to say hi to the dog, he ran towards us and started asking for pets and kisses,” Nisevic told The Dodo. “I felt an instant bond with him and knew that this was our dog.”

Living in a rural area, Nisevic suspected that the little guy who showed up looking for love wasn’t lost. “We live in the middle of nowhere, and we know all the dogs in the valley,” Nisevic said. “The area is unfortunately known for dumping dogs.”

This is Carrot. Carrot’s a cat.
And he’s also a bit of a sneak.

“Carrot has definitely always been a sneak!” Rachel Zardus, who rescued Carrot as a kitten, told The Dodo. “He is a rambunctious and mischievous little guy.” Where’s Carrot? Often where you least expect him. 

 “He's always doing sneaky stuff — hiding in his tunnel, jumping out at us as we walk through the apartment, playing tag and hide-and-seek — all are some of his favorite games,” Zardus said.

Not long ago, Carrot added a new activity to his long list of sneaky shenanigans.
When Zardus or her boyfriend opened up the fridge to grab something, he'd reach his furry, orange paw through the crack in the door.

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One aspect of working alongside the pups has been a bit more difficult to cope with: the barking. With work material now being mailed to Andonian's house, Salty and Bling have frequent cause to use their voices to alert her that someone's at the door.

Those moments are often inopportune for Andonian. And her colleagues have noticed.
"Every time I’m on a call with my team, they take bets how soon my dogs would start barking at something," Andonian said.
So, she decided to remedy the situation — laying down some new ground rules for Salty and Bling. She even made a helpful visual to bring the message home:

Shea Prior first noticed a stray cat wandering through her yard a couple months ago, and was excited when the sweet cat finally got close enough for Prior to feed her. She’d been feeding her for a few days when she noticed the cat was producing milk — which meant she had kittens hidden somewhere nearby. 
“I was petting her and went to pick her up and that's when I realized she had milk in and had been nursing some babies,” Prior