2020 is definitely a weird year, a lot of things we didn’t expect to happen – did and most of them were terrible. But there’s one good thing that happened and it’s the friendly reuniting of Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt. Everyone’s made a huge deal of them running into each other at the SAG awards this year, it definitely looked like they were happy to see each other and it must’ve been the first time we’ve seen them interact ever since Brad got together with Angelina. But now his marriage with Jolie is over it looks like he and Jen are getting friendlier.



Recently they’ve done a table read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High for charity and you can see the whole thing on YouTube for free. The table read was done for a charity named CORE, which is all about eliminating the spread of COVID-19.

The table included Shaun Penn (who was one of the stars of the original movie) and a collection of A-list celebrities that we could only dream of getting together for the 80s rom-com. Jennifer Aniston read for the part of Linda, Morgan Freeman was the narrator, Shia LaBeouf got to read for Shaun Penn’s original role of Jeff Spicoli, John Legend read the role of Charles Jefferson and his little brother too, Henry Golding read for Mr Vargas, Ray Liotta read for history teacher Mr Hand, Sean Penn got the role of a pizza delivery man, Brad Pitt read for the role of Brad, funnily enough, Matthew McConaughey red for the role of Mike Damone and Julia Roberts read for Stacy, Dane Cook read as Mart Ratner and finally Jimmy Kimmel got to play about 30 characters most of which were teenage girls.



If you thought UFOs and alien abduction stories were for America, only... then think again! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the most mysterious and infamous alien close encounters in Britain. From the Dudley Dorito to the Rendlesham Forest Incident... do they come in peace, to invade, or is Britain just where all the aliens want to visit first of all??

The deep web is the dark side of the internet and many of the sites found there contain some pretty scary sites and sounds. In this deep web video we take a look at some scary, creepy pictures and photographs discovered on the deep web. Many of these pictures are mysterious and unexplained to this day.

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