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Ireland Baldwin Explained Why Her Anxiety Has Her Living In "Constant Fear" Of Having A Heart Attack



A few days ago, Ireland took to Instagram to post a picture of her holding a blood pressure monitor with a caption that began, "This is not an ad for a blood pressure machine."

Ireland explained that she recently purchased a machine to monitor her blood pressure and heart rate because she suffers from cardiophobia, which means she "[lives] in a constant fear that I’m dying from a heart attack."

"The heart palpitations and chest pain brought on by your typical anxiety attack convinces me that I am a 26 year old with an underlying heart condition that I don’t have."

"My anxiety has gotten SO BAD in the past that I have called ambulances and have had hospital visits where paramedics and doctors assure me my heart is ok."

"I know it may seem silly to you, but this little machine has brought me the utmost comfort. I just want anyone who suffers from their own anxieties to know that I am here and you are not alone. It can be so embarrassing and isolating at times.

Ireland also noted that she doesn't take medication for her anxiety because she doesn't "believe" in it — so, while her approach works for her, if you're experiencing similar feelings then you might want to try something different, too.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline is 1-888-950-6264 (NAMI) and provides information and referral services; is an association of mental health professionals from more than 25 countries who support efforts to reduce harm in therapy.